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Diatract Fish Bomb 12 pack

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Stimulate the fish to search for food and makes their appetite insatiable with the Diatract Fish Bomb. Simply toss the Fish Bomb in the water or drop it down an ice hole where you are fishing. The Fish Bomb is biodegradable and will sink to the bottom releasing the patented formulations of enzymes specifically design to trigger fish to start a feeding frenzy. Soon as the fish bomb hits the water, it immediately begins to release Diatract into the water creating a surface to bottom commotion that quickly stimulates fish into the area where you are fishing.

Our products actually work. They work because they are researched, lab developed, and field tested. In the fishing market, we offer a product called Diatract. It’s a fish stimulant in the sense that its purpose is to help you catch fish, but it works completely differently from the other products out there. Because we know the real issue in fishing is that if the fish aren’t hungry, they wont “take the bait,” so to say, regardless of whether they are “attracted” to whatever your putting in front of them. Diatract draws fish in by actually making their brains think they’re hungry. Researchers were able to identify the precise combination of chemical compounds which excite the part of the brain that draw fish to a food source. Diatract will cause the fish to search incessantly for the heaviest concentration of the mixture while inhibiting the part of the brain that indicates a full feeling, making the fish appetite insatiable. Diatract is simple, but it works because it works differently.