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Natural Urine Doe In Estrous 02 oz

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Cor Outfitters - DripScent Liquids Include 1 3.5 oz Thin Drip Bag

For a limited time only: All DripScent liquids include 1 3.5 oz DripScent thin drip bag!

Harmon Triple Heat Female in Heat Deer Scent from Cass Creek is guaranteed to be the hottest Female Deer in Heat deer lure on the market today!

It is a proven fact by biologists that deer identify other individual deer by scent. Bill Harmon developed TRIPLE HEAT deer attractant with a mixture of premium doe estrus urine from at least 3 different female deer in heat. The buck can now identify at least 3 different does in the area. That trophy buck will react faster and remain in the area longer.

2 ounce bottle with convenient spray pump top.

Keep away from children. Never ingest. Keep away from eyes.